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** The membership fee is £6 before 6 November, £7 after this date, or family membership starting at £16.50 **

Groups, Teachers and Leaders

The online membership system is now available for you to enrol on-line.
You should receive a membership pack within the first 2 weeks in September with all the information regarding registering your aelwyd/adran/school.  Please contact us if you do not receive this pack by the end of September.

For the attention of Teachers- Here is a template of text that can be used by the school when promoting Urdd membership. You may copy and paste the below text into any mailings to parents. Membership Promotion Template (Microsoft Word Document).


IMPORTANT! - Read these instructions before accessing the online enroling system. The document will be a very useful refenence while completing the process.


Parents, Guardians and Individuals


If you wish to ensure your child/children are Urdd members for 2014/2015, in the first instance find out if the school your child attends registers pupils as Urdd members. If they do, ideally membership should be dealt with through the school. If they have not been involved with the Urdd in recent years, you will need to enrol your child yourself, online.
If enrolling your family, please complete this online via the link below, and not via the school.

The membership fee is £6 per child if enrolling before 6 November or £7 after this date or £16.50 per family and you must pay by card or Paypal.





Do you have to be a member of the Urdd to take part in events and competitions?
Yes. Remember, that to take part in any of the Urdd's events, you have to have an Urdd membership, and the Urdd must recieve payment before giving out a membership number to enable that member to compete at any level.

I forgot my password?
Please email to request a new password.

What payment methods are possible by online membership?
It is possible to pay by card or by cheque or BACS. If paying by card you will receive the membership numbers straight away. If paying by cheque or BACS you will receive the membership numbers via e-mail after the Urdd has received your payment.
Will I receive my membership number immediately?
If you pay by card you will receive the membership numbers immediately. If you pay by cheque or BACS you will receive the membership numbers via e-mail once the Urdd has received payment.
The system shut down in the middle of registration, what should I do?
Email with your enquiry or call 01239 652 162

I have a problem with registering on the web. Who can I contact?
If you are having problems with the system then you can contact the membership department on 01239 652 162 for advice. If you need assistance with using the system we may ask our IT department staff to contact you, or with any specific queries please email

How can my family join?
You can register a family (with at least 3 children) at a discounted price of £ 16.50. Click here to enroll your family.

What is the membership deadline date?
The deadline for the discounted membership of £6 is 6 November 2014. This will increase to £ 7.00 after this date
Is there still a need to return the gift aid envelopes if you join via the web?
Yes. It is essential that you return the envelopes as a way to claim Gift Aid on Urdd membership. This contribution enables us to continue to offer activities and events. If you join via the website as a parent / guardian, you can fill in the Gift Aid details at the same time as registering.

I want to join my children directly rather than through a branch. Is it possible for me to do this?
We encourage everyone to join through your local branch in the school / village. If you would prefer to join directly via the website please click here

I have enrolled online, when will I receive my membership pack?
It can take up to 4 weeks to process your membership particularly during peak periods. If you join via a school then the school will receive the packs and distribute to pupils




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